Swiss IT-Reseller: Artificial intelligence in retail - reality and a great deal of potential

Learn from retailsolutions partner Lars Klimbingat how retailers in the consumer electronics sector increase their margins and optimise their processes with the help of artificial intelligence and data analysis. Find out what challenges exist and how standardised add-ons can help to improve the quality of item data.

In the consumer electronics sector, competitive pressure and customer price sensitivity are increasing due to growing transparency on the internet. Retailers are using digital means to optimise their processes and increase their margins, including the application of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics. However, a major challenge is the amount of item data and its complexity that needs to be maintained. The quality of the item data is important for the quality of the merchandise management processes. Retailers often rely on in-house developments, which can lead to high maintenance costs. Standardised add-ons can help by flexibly adapting check rules with machine learning and autonomously carrying out error corrections without an IT department.

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