RapidRetail Analytics -
Consolidate real-time data to give you powerful insights
from a single version of the truth

Support your business by consolidating real-time data like inventory and POS giving you the ability to make strategic decisions across your entire business regardless of where the data comes from or which format it is in.

RapidRetail Analytics is an SAP Partner Qualified Package with preconfigured content and dashboards from retail experts based on cloud software and services. A powerful visual reporting interactive tool using real-time data to give you more control at each reporting level, with the ability to drill down into more specific areas.

RapidRetail Analytics -
Empowered decisions with your data

Leverage real-time access to efficiently derive new insights and actions.

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Advantages of RapidRetail Analytics at a glance

  • Centralise your data, explore and collaborate from a single version of the truth

  • Powerful insights at the touch of a button with an intuitive user interface

  • Easily control access and put the right data in the right hands at the right time

  • Automate repetitive tasks  with inbuilt machine learning capabilities

  • Access preconfigured content and dashboards in as little as 4 weeks