Sad but true: Retailers lose an average of 5% of their sales through fraud. Much of it through its own personnel.
Fraud Management for Retail is able to analyse and anticipate possible fraud scenarios through real-time simulations in combination with preconfigured and user-defined strategies.

Fraud Management for Retail, including alerts, workflow and case management, extends SAP Business Integrity Screening to include access to SAP Retail systems such as SAP CAR.

Fraud Management for Retail - How the Add-On works:


Error or fraud attempt

  • An active fraud attempt is not always the reason for using Fraud Management for Retail. This can also be simple mistakes made by employees who, for example, admit a discount too early or too late.
  • Sometimes even sold items are simply not entered into the POS system.
  • The fact is, however, that regardless of an actual fraud attempt or error, an average retail store loses 5% of its sales as a result.

Threshold values and risk assessment

  • The Fraud Management for Retail solution automatically records suspicious transactions that exceed a configured threshold. The resulting warnings (alerts) are assigned a risk value, the level of which depends on the potential impact on the company.
  • Using the standard technologies of SAP Business Integrity Screening (formerly SAP Fraud Management), the tool offers a risk assessment of individual fraud cases, a workflow system, and dynamic pattern enhancement tailored to the individual customer.

Alerts and case management

  • The warnings (alerts) resulting from exceeding the threshold value are assigned a risk value, the amount of which depends on the possible effects on the company. The master data is checked both online and offline.
  • These alerts are finally processed individually in workflow and case management.

Analysis and detection of new fraud patterns

  • Based on the underlying data, deeper analyses can be carried out on the transactions concerned.
  • At the heart of the solution are HANA SQL scripts for querying databases, which are then incorporated into the fraud detection rules.

Fraud Management

Advantages of Fraud-Management at a glance

  • Preconfigured detection methods specifically for the retail industry

  • Real-time fraud detection

  • Powerful functions for calibration and simulation

  • Reduction of false alarms

  • Significant increase in deterrent effect through increased detection risk