Whether simple solutions for small warehouses or complex systems for large logistics centres, manual or automated, SAP EWM offers an optimal solution for every requirement.

We support you in the transformation from your current WMS to the latest version of SAP EWM, whether decentralised as a standalone system or "embedded" within S/4HANA.

With RapidRetail EWM, you benefit from preconfigured solutions that are specifically tailored to retail and ready for immediate use.

With RapidRetail Logistics you have the choice:
Basic or Advanced EWM - depending on the complexity of your warehouse

Both variants are pre-configured and ready for immediate use - with many features especially for the retail industry

In the SAP standard under S/4HANA, there are already different EWM variants, a "Basic" version with reduced functionality, which is already included in the S/4 license scope, and an "Advanced" version, which is also available as a separate system with full functionality.

Based on this SAP strategy, we have extended this principle for you in the retail sector and taken it one step further:

With RapidRetail Logistics we offer you two pre-configured variants especially designed for retail as add-ons to your SAP standard EWM :

  • a basic EWM - "RapidRetail bEWM", which contains the most important processes and can be used immediately as a prototype.
  • and an advanced EWM "RapidRetail aEWM", which is fully equipped with all functionalities.

Both solutions are already pre-configured for all common retail processes. This means you can get started right away. All you have to do is decide - depending on the complexity of your warehouse - either for the prototype (bEWM), which is only available "embedded", i.e. integrated in S/4HANA, or for the more extensive reference system (aEWM).

The advantage is obvious: While a lot of time has to be invested initially when using an SAP standard EWM in order to make basic settings in the system, the RapidRetail systems are already specifically pre-configured for use in retail. This saves you important project time.


RapidRetail basic EWM (bEWM) - the fast solution for the small, basic structured warehouse

  • Our EWM add-on RapidRetail-bEWM is a preconfigured warehouse management system with limited functionality that can be used immediately as a prototype.

  • We implement a functional EWM system for you with the most important processes in goods receipt, goods issue and internal warehouse.

  • This allows you not only to get a picture of how you will work with EWM in the future in a very short time, but also to start the next project phase (gap analysis, tests, etc.) very early.

  • In our basic version bEWM, EWM is already integrated in S/4HANA. Thus, you do not need any or fewer interfaces and there are no additional license costs.

  • Take advantage of the essential functions of the EWM system, such as inbound delivery, outbound delivery, replenishment, picking and inventory.


RapidRetail advanced EWM (aEWM) - the effective solution for the large, complex structured warehouse

  • Our EWM add-on RapidRetail-aEWM is a warehouse management system preconfigured with the usual retail processes, which you can use as a reference system at any time when configuring your processes.

  • We implement a ready-to-use EWM system, fully equipped with all offered functionalities, with which you can immediately test all SAP processes in goods receipt, goods issue and intra-warehouse.

  • You decide which of the functions you actually need. These will then be adopted for your warehouse.

  • You can choose whether your EWM remains integrated in S/4HANA or whether it should be used decentrally as a separate system, e.g. to replace your old ERP and WM systems independently of each other at different times with S/4HANA or EWM.

  • Use the full functionality of the EWM system (inbound, outbound & internal, incl. e.g. warehouse control, additional logistics services, wave management, resources, queues, etc.), especially retail-specific topics such as cross-docking, flow-through, etc.