Consuming Applications -
Transform your planning processes  

The planning applications on the SAP CAR platform provide consistent, end-to-end planning for retail, wholesale and digital business strategies (e.g. web shop) based on proven best practices.  

The solutions integrate and facilitate various processes in the areas of strategic financial and merchandise planning, store planning, assortment planning, open-to-buy and intelligent automated distribution planning.

All applications share a central repository for all activities. This allows you to quickly coordinate strategic merchandise and assortment plans and significantly reduce manual effort. Spreadsheets are no longer necessary in planning processes.


Merchandise Planning

  • HANA-based architecture in SAP CAR for better performance and user-friendly user interface

  • Merchandise Planning serves the detailed configuration of the overall strategic guidelines

  • Top-down / bottom-up / middle-out planning of your key figures at every level of the merchandise category and article hierarchy


Assortment Planning

  • Plan assortments on the basis of historical sales figures for the various merchandise groups and sales locations

  • Align the breadth and depth of the product range with the strategic goals

  • Determination of the expected requirement quantity through collaboration of various processes in Assortment Planning


Allocation Management

  • Automated allocation management based on sales, potentials and strategies to meet consumer demand for a specific period of time

  • Complete end-to-end integration into the upstream planning processes as well as the downstream operative ordering and logistics processes

  • An "In-Season Distribution" can be carried out on the basis of UDF forecasts


Promotion Planning

  • For creating promotional offers and customer-oriented advertising material for the retail, wholesale and digital consumer goods industry

  • Use of intelligent forecasting algorithms for quantity planning to increase the sales quota and avoid shrinkage

  • Complete end-to-end integration with our promotion management tool "PP&C", the SAP marketing tool for customer-specific offers, as well as the settlement of supplier remuneration via the condition contract