Experience Management: Put people at the center

Using the latest data science methods, you improve the experience people will have with your company and your products. You use existing data and psychological influencing factors to build emotional bonds with your customers and employees. The primary goal is to inspire people and to create long-term loyalty to your company.

Thereby both customers and employees are viewed from a different angle:

Customer Experience (CX) focuses on the response to interactions between customer and business. It is personal, and includes various facets - rational, emotional, sensory and spiritual.

Employee Experience (EX) focuses on interactions between employees and employers both inside and outside of the company.

Experience Management -
Psychology meets Data Science


In a joint project with quantics plus, retailsolutions has dedicated its attention to the topic of Experience Management. The result is an innovative approach that offers companies sustainability and success in times of digitalisation and constant change.

The consulting experts of quantics plus combine scientifically based approaches of psychology with modern data science methods. Only by combining data with knowledge about human experience and behaviour the potential can be fully developed. Understanding and managing these experiences will become a future competence for companies in the new decade. retailsolutions offers its customers a new and holistic consulting approach by adding the relevant data from SAP systems.


For more information on Experience Management, please request our current whitepaper.