Article availability across all sales channels & dynamic procurement processes

Omnichannel Article Availability (OAA) is the central component of your real-time merchandise management and already the practised reality but also the future of retail.

The implementation of "real" Omnichannel processes thrives on integrated processes and the shopping experience across all touchpoints. Whether your customers want the goods delivered to their homes, classic "Click-and-Ship", or want to pick up the order, as in a "Click-and-Collect" scenario, this does not impact Omnichannel Article Availability.  Click & Co. are indispensable today and these concepts are constantly being developed further.

At the heart of these concepts is the precise knowledge of the availability of articles through all the company's distribution channels - whether it be a distribution centre, store or even supplier.

Success Story

Coop Norge: GoLive of SAP CAR Omnichannel Article Availability

With SAP's Omnichannel Article Availability, you can ensure the most accurate product availability for your customers. The synchronisation of all relevant information about goods movements provides complete transparency about the current availability of each article.

Store stocks are synchronised with daily sales via the POS interfaces almost in real time. In the same procedure, online sales are already taken into account in the availability during the check-out process.

The articles in the shopping basket are first reserved temporarily and the actual available stock is reduced by the corresponding number. Customers logged on to the web shop at the same time can thus continue to work with the actual available stock. If a customer does not complete the order process, the reserved products are of course automatically released and the available quantity adjusted accordingly.

Customer Review


Implementing SAP CAR OAA and Inventory Visibility was one of the most successful SAP projects Coop have run, delivering benefits from Day 1 and helping Coop achieve our goals in Omnichannel Retailing.

Coop Norge

Eirik Borge,

Programme Manager Optimal Bestilling, Coop Norge