SAP Allocation Management - seasonal and promotional goods in the right quantity in the right place

Even purchasing and ensuring replenishment of the core goods range presents retailers with an enormous task due to the often large number of shops and different sales channels. When it comes to seasonal and promotional goods, optimising procurement and allocation becomes even more complex due to the time constraints and associated fast response times.

Meet this challenge by optimising the allocation of seasonal and promotional goods with SAP Allocation Management. This module, based on SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository), uses analytical functions such as size curves, forecasts and real-time stock information to optimise and automate the allocation of article quantities to the relevant shops.

SAP Allocation Management - High flexibility and functional diversity for the allocation of seasonal and promotional goods

  • SAP Allocation Management enables the efficient allocation of article quantities to different sales channels and can be seamlessly integrated with other SAP modules such as SAP Assortment Planning and SAP Promotion Management 

  • Timely and sustainable allocations 

  • Utilisation of analysis functions based on historical actual and forecast data 

  • Optimisation of store inventories by balancing customer demand and free store capacity 

  • Transparency of inbound logistics and promotion dates as the basis for allocation quantities just in time