Innovative retail technologies for precise forecasts of future customer needs

Customers have high expectations in terms of immediate availability of the products they are looking for. Especially in today‘s omnichannel world this poses great challenges for retailers.  It is necessary to predict exact demand on a daily basis - and across all sales channels.

SAP Unified Demand Forecast provides these precise forecasts with the help of the latest technologies and statistical methods.

Integration of UDF within the SAP CAR architecture

SAP Unified Demand Forecast as part of the Customer Activity Repository (CAR) delivers demand forecasts that can be used by different application levels, such as Promotion Management or Assortment Planning.

Core elements are demand modeling and demand forecasting.  Based on historical data, future customer behavior can be accurately predicted. The calculations also take into account all extraordinary factors influencing sales behavior. These demand influencing factors range from weather data and promotions to regional or national events and holidays.

As one of the first consulting companies with experience in the implementation of UDF, retailsolutions supports you as an experienced partner. Due to our close partnership with SAP, as well as the involvement in current implementation projects, retailsolutions can rely on an excellent expertise.

We support you in the integration or new implementation of UDF, the Next-Level-Replenishment of SAP.