Increase sales with promotions and target group oriented advertising -
Optimise your promotion management!

Offer every customer exactly what they are looking for with targeted advertising measures. In spite of reduced goods, you will measurably increase sales and at the same time, by the way, also customer satisfaction.

SAP Promotion Management uses your master data and can access sales analyses and forecasting algorithms. This enables you to plan promotions together according to specific customer preferences across all sales channels. The PMR application provides you with a tool for planning, defining, creating, and exporting promotion offers.

PMR is used by a variety of retail and wholesale companies, as well as in the consumer goods industry, including vertical markets such as food, pharmaceuticals, DIY, fashion and consumer markets with a wide range of products.

Management of the advertising cycle:
SAP Promotion Management on CAR

With SAP Promotion Management (PMR), you manage all sales promotions centrally in one application - from strategic planning to financial key figures and sales. SAP PMR is the first consuming application to obtain all relevant data from SAP CAR.

SAP Promotion Management is the single point of truth for the entire process of promotion planning and control. In a central UI, the necessary data is collected and all subsequent components are transferred or updated. You enter the data only once in the system and automatically distribute it to the required peripheral systems.

The retailsolutions planning component RapidRetail Promotion Planning enhances the SAP standard. Here you plan activities and advertising measures across all channels. The planning is then successively enhanced and detailed.

In SAP Promotion Management, you use this planning data and extend it with further details on the special forms of offers and mechanisms for cash desk supply, as well as quantity planning based on UDF (Unified Demand Forcast).

You can also expand your portfolio with promotions tailored to target groups and address customers precisely with the promotions that are of interest to them. Such offer-specific target groups can be easily integrated and distributed to the appropriate channels (web shop, checkout).

To ensure that the same promotion prices are applied in all channels, Omnichannel Promotion Pricing (OPP) provides a central pricing and promotion repository that stores all relevant information for calculating effective sales prices across all sales and communication channels.

With our preconfigured ready-to-use template you save time and money. Experience has shown that the end-to-end-solution from retailsolutions already covers 80% of all standard requirements of most promotion and offer processes:

  • SAP PMR Baseline configuration incl. master data replication (Prototype + training)

  • SAP Fiori- and SAP Gateway configuration (UI5)

  • SAP S4/HANA and/or SAP ECC Integration (WAKx and bonus buys, procurement, condition contracts, etc.)

The adaptation effort in the later project is not only significantly reduced but also supported by detailed documentation. We develop customer-specific requirements that are not covered by the template approach in workshops and implement them by means of agile software development. During the entire process up to the go-live, you will be supported comprehensively by our team of experts.

Promotion Planning at Migros

Client Review


The introduction of PMR promotions and planning tools has optimised our promotional functions in the Support Centre and our stores. We have gained many efficiencies and are already coming up with new ways to potentially add to these functions to enhance other areas of our promotional activities. Vendors are excited to use the new portal functionality and are enjoying the immediate visibility this provides them to assist with funding allocation and forecasting of upcoming promotional activity.

Foodstuffs South Island

Amanda Beatty,

SAP Retail Support Manager


Delivering the migration from classic PMR to the new PMR on CAR has significantly improved the solution integrity for our Promotions business which has given us a future-proof platform that enables future strategic initiatives. Working with such a strong collaborative approach with the Axfood teams, retailsolutions were able to challenge our existing customisations, duplication and complexity, and deliver a far more simplified, efficient and time saving solution, on time and within budget.

The relationship we have built with retailsolutions and the expertise they provide, has been fundamental to the success of this project and hopefully many more to come.


Dick Due Pedersen,

Head of Department Price & Assortment at Axfood IT


retailsolutions had a fantastic team, from architects to projects leads, business analysts and developers. Not only do they know the solutions they work with so well, but they know the industry. It's this understanding of the industry and its processes that is crucial when designing new solutions.

The PMR project was a real pleasure to be part of.


Ine Seidel,

Application specialist SAP PMR, KPV


retailsolutions really took their time to understand the business process, which means they also suggested changes in the system that would make the business process itself more efficient.

I think that was an important part of this successful implementation.


Jenny Ekholm,

Business Retail Process Specialist


By upgrading PMR to the CAR platform, we now have a future-proof solution to continue to build our promotion process on. retailsolutions, as usual, delivered a well-executed project and helped us with a solution that worked smoothly from day one.


Nina Krantz,

Business Process Owner


Spending quite some time on the design workshops really paid off. We have a great solution that not only saves time for the business, but also results in less errors, meaning less work for all, greater confidence in the solution and therefore more happy end users.

There are many factors to why this project went live so successfully, but the team collaboration between retailsolutions and Axfood business and internal IT was certainly a key factor.

We went for a ‘big bang’ go live, which is not the usual Axfood way to do things, but what a remarkable go-live we had! Amazing cutover planning and great teamwork lead to a seamless go live, leaving the team set up to handle the initial production defects with nothing to do!


Ine Seidel,

Application specialist SAP PMR, KPV


We are pleased with the quality and speed of ongoing support provided by the retailsolutions team and the benefits of having a consistent partner bring to the overall experience of deploying a complex project like PMR.

Pets at Home

Mariusz Kwiatkowski,

PMR Project Lead and Promotions Manager at Pets at Home


Within a very short time we have all 5 chains represented in the promotion planning apps.
So we are doing great, thanks to a well-built solution by retailsolutions and good testing by our end-users.


Ine Seidel,

PMR Application Specialist


From an Axfood perspective, it has been a great experience working with retailsolutions. The team has really done an excellent job and I think we would not have had such a successful result without their knowledge and skills on SAP PMR, retail and promotions.


D. Lindmark,

Project Manager