POS Data Transfer & Audit -
Smooth integration of POS solutions

A modern and innovative POS system is essential for the successful integration of your store and sales processes.

To carry out a successful implementation it is important to gain a comprehensive understanding of technical POS data, processes and interfaces. We use this understanding to generate added value for your company beyond "ordinary" integration. Of course, we also pay special attention to the connection and the corresponding configuration of the surrounding systems.

Through the central processing of your transaction data using POSDTA based on SAP HANA, you are always in a position to evaluate your stores in real time so that you can react more quickly to unexpected changes.

Based on our many years of well-founded and broad-based retail expertise, we realise the complete connection of your POS solution with you.

Success Story

Effective use of POS information at Migros

The central engine for processing your POS data  

SAP POS DTA is the solution for automated preparation and further supply of POS data that is already integrated in SAP CAR. And it is the successor of POSDM.

For the correct interpretation of transaction data, the information supplied by the POS systems is first converted based on the international ARTS standard and then transferred to POSDTA.

During inbound processing, the transmitted data is quality assured and prepared. This data is then distributed to surrounding systems and applications according to your specific requirements.

The introduction of POSDTA requires a high degree of integration into your existing system landscape.

retailsolutions is happy to support you in the implementation of your POSDTA project.