IT Daily: "Why Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platforms Pay Off"

Andreas Schönecker, head of the Omnichannel Competence Centre at retailsolutions, clarifies this question for IT Daily and also looks in particular at customer engagement programmes such as Emarsys.

The economy is currently in a state of flux, due in no small part to the Corona pandemic. It brought about major changes, especially in the retail sector, as an example the border between online and offline shopping is disappearing more and more.

"At the latest now, it is important to face the new challenges and possibly perceive the positive effects of the change even before the competitors", explains Andreas Schönecker from retailsolutions.

Read in the article how customer engagement programmes such as Emarsys enable companies to consolidate their data volumes, process them and prepare campaigns for each problem through predefined blueprints and thus ultimately improve the customer experience.