Coop opts for Loss Prevention Analytics to detect fraud quickly and effectively

  • Coop is one of the largest retail organisations in Switzerland

  • In addition to the retail trade with Coop supermarkets and numerous specialist formats
    in Switzerland, international wholesale and production represent a second area of activity
    of the Coop Group

  • Organised as a cooperative, Coop has around 2.5 million members

  • In 2019, the company generated sales of CHF 30.7 bn with over 90,000 employees

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Success Story

Coop minimizes losses through SAP Loss Prevention
(Success Story in German language)

A high turnover may also mean that "black sheep" among employees take advantage of any potential grey areas and lack of transparency in the checkout process. This generates losses running into billions in the retail sector every year.

  • Detection, analyses and documentation of irregular checkout processes in almost 1,000 supermarket stores in Switzerland

  • Prevention of theft and fraud by introducing a control system

  • Creation of a pattern-based engine to identify irregular activities

  • Generation of different views of user, cash register or store (drilldown to individual receipt)

Implementation of SAP Loss Prevention
The tool enables immediate analysis of irregular transactions across all stores.


  • Evaluation of a large amount of user data within a short time

  • Detection of manipulations and their immediate prosecution

  • Identify irregular transactions at a corporate, regional, store and cashier level

  • Analysis of the data via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface in the web browser


  • No additional mapping by using the POS Transaction Inbound Framework and the databases of POS DM (PIPE)

  • No additional hardware necessary - no redundant data storage

  • Integration into the portal - intuitive handling

  • Short implementation time