About Migros
  • 1925 founded by entrepreneur Gottfried Duttweiler in Zurich
  • The Migros Group consists of 10 autonomous regional cooperatives with more than 2 million members

  • It includes supermarkets, specialist stores and gastronomic businesses,
    several industrial and wholesale companies, companies in the tourism industry
    as well as cultural and social organisations and foundations

  • Migros has a distribution network of 610 stores in Switzerland

  • CHF 28.7 bn revenue (2019)

Further information: www.migros.ch

The Migros Group was one of the first retailsolutions customers and we look back on a long-standing strategic partnership with Migros, both with the Migros Group and with the cooperatives and subsidiaries such as Migrol, Migrolino and Denner.

The highlight of the collaboration is currently the EIGER program, one of the largest transformation projects in Europe to date. The project comprises holistic business engineering, in which all business processes are being optimised in terms of standardisation, harmonisation and customer benefits. As a retail architect, our biggest challenge was to implement these complex processes with the latest technologies and cloud-based solutions in such a way that Migros is not only well equipped for the digital future, but can also fully benefit from the benefits of digitalisation in terms of productivity, flexibility and overall competitiveness.

For many years, we have been able to contribute our core competencies to Migros in numerous projects in various areas such as retail, finance and service station retail. Our CEO and co-founder Jörg Frisch has been personally involved in the collaboration from the very beginning. In the video below, he talks about this partnership and our role in EIGER.

retailsolutions will remain in close contact with Migros and we will continue to provide advice on licensing, services and support for SAP solutions.

We are proud to support Migros in the implementation of its strategic plan for the future and digitalisation!


We are proud to support Migros Group in the implementation of its strategic plan for the future and digitalisation.


Jörg Frisch

General Manager


Thanks to our competent staff and the professional assistance from retailsolutions, we have managed to effectively exploit the potential of existing POS data: We can now tell what is happening in the stores every hour and need not wait until the next day.


Oliver Jung,

Head of SAP Development, Migros IT-Services