Rewe Systems: Highest quality standards for article master data with MD/QC

  • REWE Systems GmbH is the central solution provider for information
    and telecommunication systems of REWE Group

  • The company plans, designs, develops, configures and operates efficient
    systems and applications for REWE Group - one of the leading German and
    European retail and tourism groups with around 330,000 employees

  • Employees of REWE Systems: approx. 1,000 IT specialists

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Success Story

Rewe Systems: Highest quality standards for article master data with MD/QC

As a leading international retail group, REWE Group manages a large number of articles, suppliers and assortments with different requirements on a daily basis. With the S/DQC project, the company is pursuing the ambitious goal of creating an error-free and uniform database for this purpose.

  • Master data records from approx. 1,600,000 articles, over 10,000 suppliers

  • Different assortments in the ultra-fresh, food and non-food sectors

  • Different requirements for the maintenance of master data per product category

  • Compliance with legal requirements (LMIV II)

  • Integration into the GDSN

SDQC – Superior Data Quality Cockpit
The add-on from retailsolutions creates a "Single Point of Truth" with error-free article master data as a basis for efficient business processes.


  • Check rules adjustable through customizing
  • Integration with SAP for Retail
  • Application of the rules online in the maintenance dialog or via offline batch check
  • Active in all relevant transactions
  • Errors bundled in error report
  • Presentation of the rules in the check rule catalog


  • Significantly higher data quality in the article master right from the start

  • Transparent control and assurance of data quality

  • Reduction of process costs through lower error rates and elimination of manual activities

  • More effective business processes through more transparency

  • Uniform master data for all companies of REWE Group through synchronisation via GDSN


With MD/QC, we have created the technical conditions to permanently improve the quality of our master data.

REWE Systems

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