Master data management determines the quality of your merchandise management processes.
We accompany you on this path from the very beginning and show you how to make your master data quality a secure foundation for your company with the help of SDQC.

Innovation-Stopper Master Data
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In 4 steps to consistent master data using machine learning and validation rules

In 4 steps to consistent master data

  • We call "expert rules" individually configurable rules that ensure that the creation of master data is correct. The specialist department can define these rules itself. In doing so, the validation of unique data constellations is already checked.

  • Even complex rules can be configured with just a few clicks, easily and without programming.

  • In order to get an overview as simple as possible, all rules are displayed in a "rule cockpit".

  • "Machine Learning" refers to intelligent algorithms that can also be used to identify fuzzy data constellations. For example, it not only checks whether the values for weights and measures are filled in, but also whether they actually match.
  • Automated default values make simple error correction possible.
  • The ML-algorithm is also designed for continuous learning.
  • SDQC is the only add-on for master data quality assurance that is completely integrated into SAP.
  • The master data is checked both online and offline.
  • On Premises and in the Cloud
  • With full SAP integration, you can access KPIs in the usual way through intuitive dashboards and scorecards.
  • You can easily gain a better understanding of the data quality in your SAP system.

retailsolutions SDQC

Highest master data quality with expert knowledge and machine learning

Benefits of master data management at a glance

  • Machine Learning for intelligent troubleshooting

  • Simple configuration of individual expert rules

  • Validation of master data directly during data maintenance

  • Mass inspection for the detection of existing defects

  • Can be used without programming

  • Modification-free integration into SAP systems


Client review


With the machine learning component of SDQC we have created another possibility to improve the master data quality sustainably. This is an important step towards the digitalisation.

REWE Systems

Vasil Kolev

Product Owner Master Data, REWE Systems


With the SAP Add-on S/DQC from retailsolutions we were able to increase our master data quality by ourselves.
Not only existing errors in the SAP article master were discovered and eliminated, but also the daily new maintenance errors are recognized directly and can be prevented by S/DQC. Since we define the rules ourselves, we can actively work on quality and be supported by Machine Learning.

Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG

M. Korwansky,

Head of Master Data Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG


We increase the quality of our master data at the initial creation of the information with MD/QC by retailsolutions. Clearly defined rules prevent mistakes from the outset – processes are stabilized.

Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG

A. Hartmann,

Head of SAP Process Solutions


With MD/QC, we have created the technical conditions to permanently improve the quality of our master data.

REWE Systems

M. Georgiev

REWE Group Buying