Enterprise Support & Maintenance

retailsolutions have a strategic partnership with SAP and focuses on retail. This provides the best-fit license and also maintenance for SAP retail users.

Guidance and recommendations for future upgrades, innovations and improvements in the SAP retail landscape.
We will work with you to proactively manage and mitigate risks. Support experts will be immediately available helping you if any mission critical situations occur.

SAP Enterprise Support provides a wide range of services and tools to help you improve your business and to accelerate the adoption of new innovations.


A cornerstone of SAP Enterprise Support is mission-critical support that provides rapid collaboration with support experts for you.

Your business will be protected proactively in a best possible manner 24x7 and backed up by SAP for any potential very high/critical issue.

How you benefit:

  • Get your business back running with the highest priority and attention from retailsolutions and SAP

  • Fast issue resolution through service level agreement

  • Reducing unplanned downtimes - thus optimizing business results


Technical Quality Checks (TQCs) are remote services, which help to reduce your technical risk and outline optimization potential.

A portfolio of 15+ Technical Quality Checks (TQCs) help to handle top-issues or to de-escalate critical situations during implementation, operations, and innovation of your solution.

How you benefit:

  • Cut down on time and budget for implementation and innovation

  • Improve system performance, availability, stability, and data consistency

  • Quality checks to avoid critical situations in the future – active risk mitigation